True by Tina Lobo

Wooden Rattle

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Your baby uses the sound of the rattle to track where is it, this helps them to develop their senses to the environment. Then as their eyesight develops, the moving parts of the rattle helps babies link what they hear to what they see. This simple cause and effect learning is what encourages your babies to keep shaking their rattles. The shaking motion also lays the foundation to the grip of their hands, and for writing when they are older.

The sound this beautiful wooden rattle makes is similar to that of a wooden windchime or like an angklung, it is oh so pleasing to hear!

  • handcrafted wooden toys designed and made in Sri Lanka
  • sustainable and recyclable
  • made of untreated beech/maple wood
  • to disinfect, wipe down with a solution of water and vinegar
  • to condition, apply coconut oil/ olive oil or any other baby safe oil
  • product measures 13cm x 6cm (Bear)/ 13cm x 4cm (3 rings) 
  • untreated wood are naturally antibacterial 
  • all handcrafted wooden toys comes with natural blemishes, no two sets are exactly the same