Foxy Beginnings

VonValdi Collection - Blake the Fox

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Hi! I am Blake the Fox. I am friendly and curious. Not only do I like to play with my fox friends, I also enjoy the company of other animal friends. Did you know that I can make 40 different sounds?

A first soft toy is like a friend for your child. They take care and look after (mimicking the way they are being looked after themselves). It is also a toy that helps comfort and reassures your child in new or difficult situations. It is then no surprise that soft toys often become so important to children that many of them keep keep theirs well into adulthood.

  • handcrafted soft toys designed in Australia and made by artisan who resides in Tehran, Iran
  • made of linen fabric
  • product measures ~45cm x 20cm
  • all handcrafted plushies comes with natural blemishes, no two plushies are exactly the same