Maha Yuyi

The Angry Prince 生气王子

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This book depicts a prince who is an adorable little elephant. However, when he gets angry and delay his parents from setting off on their journey, how can we help him manage his anger better? This story helps our little ones be more aware of their emotions, and that they should always communicate their frustrations to help resolve issues they ,Ishtar be facing.

艾迪王子是一头可爱的小象…… 只要他不生气。晴朗的今天,是期待已久的日子。没想到,一大早艾迪就变成了生气王子!瞪着眼、涨红脸、鼻子还打结…… 眼看时间嘀嗒嘀嗒地过去,生气王子和国王究竟能不能顺利出发呢? 畅销绘本《爱哭公主》的姐妹作。内容探讨孩子成长常见的问题——生气-情绪控制力。以轻快的故事节奏,让孩子体会沟通的重要,了解“协调比冲突更能让事情达到圆满”。