Maha Yuyi

Let’s Talk About Concentration Grace 说专心

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Using simple illustrations and storyline, this book aims to allow our little ones more understanding on being focused or concentrating on the tasks on hand. Grace used to be very distracted by everything around her, this caused her to not be able to focus on the tasks on hand. Grace’s father was determined to help her understand how she can cultivate a good habit of concentrating on the tasks on hand. 


Grace曾经是个注意力不集中的孩子,比如爬楼梯不看路,爸爸提醒她要专心。她问爸爸什么是专心,爸爸的回答很简单:专心就是“你在玩乐高时,满脑子都是乐高” …… Grace一下子就听明白了。Grace的爸爸不但在家中随时提醒她要专心,还在外出的时候带她去看各行各业的人怎么专心。Grace还把“专心”带到学校,她告诉同学专心“就是眼睛要看前面,不要看旁边”。