December 08, 2020

Introducing... JaBaDaBaDo

By Carol Yeo

Introducing... JaBaDaBaDo from Sweden…

“Most people are familiar with the expression “Jabadabado” from the Flintstones. To me Jabadabado stands for happiness. With our products, we want to share love and joy among children and therefore I felt an expression for happiness is just the right name for our business”.  - Eva Eliasson (Owner of JaBaDaBaDo)


From Darkness to Light…

Eva Eliasson lost her job as an interior designer in the 90s financial crisis. In an attempt to find something else to do, Eva started to design and produce wooden toys. Her creations soon became popular amongst friends and family, and the hobby soon became a small family business. Together with her husband, Calle Elliasson, the company Filuren was started. Filuren was an agent to several well-known European brands. However, the thought of self producing toys never once left their minds, and JaBaDaBaDo was born out of this nagging thought in 1999.

About JaBaDaBaDo

“Design is our passion. Our most important task is to design and develop products that encourage childrens’ imagination and desire to play. We always start the design process from the childrens’ perspective. Our products are carefully designed to be innovative, functional and fun and are distinguished by their timeless yet modern design. The soft and natural color schemes combined with inspiration from Nordic design trends are sure to appeal to both children and their parents”. - JaBaDaBaDo

JaBaDaBaDo products are inspired by the little things in life, namely nature, fabrics and different materials, Nordic’s interior design trends and child’s play. The first idea is usually sketched on paper, slowly refined to include details, and carefully hand picking the right materials and colours. The samples then go through rigorous testing to make sure they live up to the high standards before launching. 

Why JaBaDaBado for Jollify Growth?

JaBaDaBaDo was one of the first brands that popped up when we started looking for toys to carry within our webstore. The simplistic yet eye catching designs encouraged different ways of play and learn. It could also be the sheer fact that Eva comes from the background of an interior designer, we could almost imagine how every toy could fit into the different corners of a typical household with children in Singapore. 

Another key goal of the brand is also to take away the throw away trend of toys. All the toys are made to last and to survive robust play. All of the wooden toys are made of FSC certified wood which is environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable use of the world’s forests.


We also love that the supplier factories of JaBaDaBaDo are members of SEDEX, a global membership organization dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practices. All the employees of the factories live around the factories in rural areas, the close proximity allows them to retain their community, while maintaining stable jobs and feeding their families. 

There were so many things we wanted to order from JaBaDaBaDo’s catalogue, we had to restrain ourselves from ordering everything there! The friendly rep, Jim, did not make things easier for us with his exemplary service and prompt response to our 101 new business owner questions. We hope you like our curation from JaBaDaBaDo, and if you would like us to bring in any items we currently don’t, please feel free to let us know via

Thank you for allowing us to carry your line of products JaBaDaBaDo, we are delighted to have you!