December 17, 2020

Introducing... Foxy Beginnings

By Carol Yeo

Introducing... Foxy Beginnings from Australia...

"Gender equality, especially in developing countries like Iran where I was born, was always something I wanted to play a part in improving." - Mana (owner of Foxy Beginnings)

The Birth of Foxy Beginnings

All kids-focused businesses usually starts with a protagonist, followed by the need to solve a problem surrounding this protagonist. 

For Mana, when she had her daughter Freyja in 2018, she started a mission to look for toys that were sustainable, beautiful and contributed to a meaningful cause. She then realised that most of the toys in the market were not very eco-friendly, and there didn't seem to be any toys that could satisfy her demand. 

Foxy Beginning's Brand Mission

Coupled by the desire to empower females and promote gender equality, the concept of Foxy Beginnings came to life. The business mission was to empower women artisans to work from the comfort of their homes in developing countries, providing sustained employment and financial independence.

Foxy Beginning's Artisans

All of Foxy Beginning's products comes from the talented hands of many awesome artisans from the developing countries. Most of the artisans resides in Iran, Ukraine and even in Istanbul. 

Keep a lookout on our instagram page to know more about these talented artisans!

Why Foxy Beginnings for Jollify Growth

I don't think we need to justify more on why we brought in Foxy Beginnings! We always love ourselves a business which supports a greater cause, and what better way to do this while educating your children on the source of their toys. 

Mana recently relocated to Singapore with her family, now it's also time for the toys from Foxy Beginnings to find a place in your homes!

Thank you for allowing us to carry your line of products Foxy Beginnings, we are delighted to have you!